Amplifying growth
by eliminating crops diseases

  • 100% Natural & Safe

  • increased shelve life

  • increased health

  • increased growth & yield

  • increased germination & fertility rate

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    At Ampé we have set out to develop an innovative solution to not only prevent, but in many cases also undo the negative effects caused by these sicknesses. Amplifying health, growth and life by removing the pathogenic microbes, so that the good microbes and cells can function optimally.

    Ampé is an ionized, water based reaction created from only natural ingredients resulting in a stable, long lasting increased redox value solution of above 800mv

    For skin cleansing/care
    & as a hand sanitizer

    Unlike many other biocides, disinfectants or fungicides, Ampé is NOT toxic, is safe to handle and does not damage the environment. Ampé has a PH value of 7 and a shelve life of more then 2 years.

    why Ampécare?

    Increased growth and health Ampé is a revolutionary, 100% natural and environmentally friendly way to eliminate sicknesses caused by pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.

    An effective biocide that is non toxic and does not eliminate the beneficial microbes and fungi, hence maintaining a healthy balance in the soil which improves the growth and productivity of your crops.

    Ampé is safe to handle by the farmers and can be used as a preventive and curative treatment for many known crop, vineyard and orchard diseases.

    It can be used either as a seed soak treatment or to be sprayed with a 1:10 or 1:20 ration with normal water on the soil, leaves, branches, flowers, fruits or other crop produce.

    testimonials & results

    Chili plants – East Java

    Chili plants where first infected with sickness and severalchili’s where rotten already on the plants. After application all the plants where healthy, new leaves formed on sick plants and the farmer got a good harvest out of all plants

    Chili plants – East Java

    The right flower pot was treated with Ampé and grew more and brighter flowers after 1 week

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